TNA Terminates Ric Flair's Contract, Ex-WWE Diva Attends TNA Show, Xema Ion

- According to court documents filed in TNA's lawsuit against WWE for interference with existing contracts, the organization terminated Ric Flair's contract on May 11, 2012. Flair, however, is still listed as a member of the active roster on


Flair missed a live event he was scheduled to appear at the day before his contract was terminated. He has privately claimed that he quit the organization.

- Former WWE talent Nidia Guenard was backstage with her young daughter at TNA Wrestling's live event at Bayou Music Center in Houston, Texas on Saturday night. She resides in the area and was a guest of Tara's.

Guenard left the professional wrestling industry entirely in 2005 and is now pursuing a culinary career.

- Zema Ion will appear at Millennium Wrestling Federation's eleventh anniversary show taking place September 22 at Memorial Hall 590 Main St. Melrose, Massachusetts. (Event Information)