Vince Russo Note, Bobby Lashley Returns, Snitsky, Haku Talks Infamous Bar Fight

- Former WWE, WCW & TNA head booker/writer Vince Russo will appear live on Matty P's Radio Happy Hour tonight at 8pm eastern. You can get more information at, and you can listen to the show at this link.

- Bobby Lashley will be appearing at the Fire Star Pro Wrestling event this Saturday, June 9th at The Fair Grounds in Eden, North Carolina. You can get more information or purchase tickets by clicking here.

- Gene Snitsky has partnered with UnPaved Clothing Co to co-design and launch SNITSKY SWAG, a collection of custom apparel. You can get more information at

- Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas recently spoke to former WWE superstar Haku about the truth behind the famous bar fight between he and Jimmy Jack Funk in 1987 where Haku was rumored to have pulled out Funk's eyeball. A remorseful Haku denied tearing out his eyeball, but said he was close to doing it. You can check out the clip below:


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