WWE Concern Over Vince McMahon's Mockery Of Jim Ross, Lilian Garcia To Sing At Anti-Bullying Event

- There is concern among WWE officials that Vince McMahon's mockery of Jim Ross' affliction with Bell's palsy in a backstage segment on the June 11 Raw SuperShow could cause backlash for the organization. The Creative Coalition, which formed a multi-platform, nationwide anti-bullying alliance with WWE, "be a STAR," would appear hypocritical by conducting business with an organization that practices what they preach against.


McMahon's mockery segment struck a nerve with former WCW announcer Mark Madden, who went on Twitter to blast the WWE chief.

"McMahon mocking Ross' Bell's Palsy was unforgivable. What a scumbag, pure and simple. Just a twisted, emotionally crippled jerkoff," he wrote. "McMahon wasn't mocking a stranger. Ross is one of WWE's most valued employees ever. Ross' big sin: He knows more about wrestling than Vince."

- WWE, The Creative Coalition and the Brooklyn Cyclones will join forces for Anti-Bullying Night at MCU Park next Wednesday. David Otunga, Zack Ryder, Natalya and Lilian Garcia will be on hand to spread the message of the "be a STAR" anti-bullying campaign before the Cyclones game. In addition to the pre-game presentation, WWE Superstars and Divas will be signing autographs on the concourse and Lilian Garcia has been announced to sing the National Anthem.


During the game, fans will be asked to use their social media tools to spread an anti-bullying message and take the official "be a STAR" pledge by logging onto www.beastaralliance.org to put an end to bullying through proper channels and communication, while also creating a bully free-environment for everyone.

Additional details on the event are available here.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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