WWE No Way Out: Cody Rhodes Vs. Christian (IC Title Match)

- Matt Striker is backstage with CM Punk. He asks about AJ Lee. Punk says the match tonight isn't about AJ. It's about his WWE Title. AJ walks up and gives him a kiss on the cheek for good luck. Punk says thanks but luck is for losers and walks off as she smiles at him.


WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Christian

We go to the ring and out first comes Cody Rhodes followed by the WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian.

They lock up for a minute and Christian goes down first. Christian comes back with clotheslines, sending Cody to the corner. Cpdy shoves Christian but gets slapped to the mat. Cody comes in with a big shoulder thrust. He tries to suplex Christian to the floor but Christian ends up bringing him out to the floor. Christian runs the ropes and dropkicks Cody through the ropes. Cody trips Christian and he falls face first on the apron and rolls out to the floor. Cody brings it back in and drops Christian by his arm for a 2 count. Cody drops knees on Christian's arm now.


More back and forth. Christian pulls Cody's legs out around the ring post but Cody pulls him into the post. Cody brings Christian back in the ring and suplexes him face first for a 2 count. Cody goes back to work on Christian's arm. Christian goes up top and ends up on the outside again after Cody shoves him. Christian slams Cody into the steel steps and hits a big tornado DDT from the steps to the floor. More back and forth action. Christian goes for Killswitch but Cody counters. Christian goes for the big right hand from the floor but it's countered. Christian goes up top for a crossbody but Cody rolls through and turns it into a 2 count. Christian goes for a roll and Cody counters again.

Christian climbs up with Cody and brings him back down with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. More back and forth. Cody slams Christian down by his arm and covers for another 2 count. Cody blocks Killswitch again and hits the Alabama Slam for a 2 count. Christian counters this time with an inverted DDT. Christian readies for a spear but Cody scrambles out to the floor and back in the ring. Christian goes for the roll up again but Cody drops down for a 2 count. Christian hits Killswitch out of nowhere for another close 2 count. Christian goes for the frogsplash but Cody gets his knees up. Christian blocks the Disaster Kick. Christian has Killswitch blocked again. Cody misses the Disaster Kick again. Christian nails a spear for the win.


Winner: Christian