WWE No Way Out: Ricardo Rodriguez Vs. Santino Marella (Tuxedo Match)

- Vince McMahon is backstage walking when John Laurinaitis walks up. Laurinaitis suggests Vince stay away from ringside since he has a concussion. Vince doesn't have anything to say, he just walks off. Laurinaitis goes on but Vince stops him and slams his dressing room door. Josh Mathews approaches Laurinaitis for comment. Laurinaitis rips him and says he has a show to run, tonight, tomorrow and into the future. Laurinaitis storms off.


Tuxedo Match: Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Santino Marella

We go to the ring and out first comes WWE United States Champion Santino Marella for this non-title match. Santino is wearing an old school tuxedo. Out next comes Ricardo Rodriguez in his usual tuxedo. The first man to be stripped of his tux loses. They play to the crowd to start the match and obviously Santino gets the pops. Santino shoves Ricardo and gets shoved back. Ricardo rips the front pocket off Santino's tux. Santino does the same to him and then rips off a sleeve. Ricardo rips Santino's jacket but gets slapped.

Santino with an atomic drop. He then rips Ricardo's jacket off and taunts him with it like he's a charging bull. Ricardo ends up on the floor. He comes back in and gets hit with a drop toe hold. Santino takes off Ricardo's shoes next. The crowd chants boring as Santino takes Ricardo from corner to corner. Santino takes off Ricardo's shirt next. Ricardo has a bowtie and pants on now. Santino with a big hip toss and out comes the Cobra. Ricardo rakes Santino's eyes and throws the Cobra out of the ring. Ricardo takes off Santino's shoes, socks and pants now. Santino has his jacket and shirt on. One of Santino's socks is a Cobra and Ricardo can't pull it off. Santino hits Ricardo with a Cobra kick and strips off his pants for the win. Ricardo is wearing white briefs with Alberto Del Rio's face on the back.


Winner: Santino Marella

- Ricardo runs off with Alberto's face on his rear as Santino has his hand raised from the ring.