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Welcome to our WrestlingInc.com WWE SmackDown Recap for June 8, 2012.

We start tonight with Josh Matthews introducing the show from the University of South Carolina. He is joined by Cole and Booker T.

Alberto Del Rio drives up in a BMW but is introduced by Lilian Garcia. He gets in the ring and shows a video of him taking out Sheamus on RAW. He says he will break his arm at No Way Out and take his title. Sheamus' music hits and out comes Ricardo Rodriguez dressed as Sheamus. I think they got the inspiration from the kid in the front row from a couple weeks back. The music hits again and the real Sheamus comes out. He cleans house. Sheamus chases them up the ramp and slams Del Rio into the WWE logo on the stage. Rodriguez helps Del Rio double team Sheamus as the refs come out to break it up.

Teddy Long comes out and says Johnny is not there and has put him in charge. He says 2 matches have been made for tonight: Kane vs. Sheamus and Del Rio vs. Khali. Khali comes out and the match is next.


Alberto Del Rio vs. The Great Khali

Del Rio starts off with kicks to Khali's legs but Khali overpowers him with chops in the corner. Khali whips him in the corner and goes for a big boot but Del Rio ducks and Khali gets hung up with one leg on the ropes. Del Rio takes his leg out from under him and goes to work on the left leg. The crowd chants for Khali. Del Rio gets a 2. Del Rio keeps Khali down with kicks. Del Rio goes up top and leaps off but Khali catches him with a big chop. Rodriguez distracts Khali from the apron giving Del Rio an opening to work the left arm to set up for the submission. Del Rio applies the cross armbreaker and Khali taps.

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio

Rodriguez as Sheamus raises Del Rio's arm in the ring.

-Big Show video package from RAW

Teddy Long is backstage on the phone and is interrupted by Brodus and his dancers. Long tells him he has good and bad news. The bad news is that Johnny has barred Brodus from appearing on RAW to protect him from Big Show. Brodus is upset. The good news is that he is a permanent member of SmackDown. Brodus says to tell his SmackDown opponents that when he sees them, he sees the Big Show and he "will eat them up."


Brodus Clay does his full entrance. Derrick Bateman is already at ringside.

Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman

They lock up and Brodus powers him in the corner and proceeds to hit him with strikes to the body. Clay throws him out and follows him. Clay headbutts Bateman and tosses him into the time keepers section at ringside. He brings him back in and hits a big splash in the corner. Clay tosses him over his head with a fall-away slam and hits the ropes and delivers a big splash to Bateman to get the win.

Winner by pin: Brodus Clay

Clay and his dancers dance and gyrate with some kids in the ring.

Sin Cara is next as they show a highlight reel of him.


-RAW 1000th episode memorable moments: Booker T debuts against Buff Bagwell

Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew is already in the ring as he takes it to Sin Cara. Sin Cara cuts him off with quick, high-flying offense. Drew knocks him off the apron with a kick. Drew makes a cover and gets 2. Drew applies an abdominal stretch. Cole is being is usual annoying self. Drew puts Sin Cara on his shoulders and throws him but Sin Cara turns it around in mid-air with a leg scissors takedown and Drew goes flying into the corner. Sin Cara does another leg scissors takedown, hits the ropes and hits a jumping reverse elbow. He gets a 2.

Drew takes his head off with a big boot for a 2. Drew throws him in the corner and follows in but Sin Cara catches him with both feet to the face. Sin Cara leaps off the second turnbuckle but Drew catches him and goes for a side slam but Sin Cara switches in mid-air and Drew holds on. Drew tries to slam him again but Sin Cara reverses in mid-air again and delivers a DDT for the win.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara

-Still to come: Kane vs. Sheamus

Ryback is next.


Two jobbers are in the ring. They cut the usual promo in rhyme style. Ryback's music hits to cut them off.

Ryback vs. Two Jobbers

Ryback squashes them as he slams both at the same time and pins them.

Winner by pin: Ryback

-Still to come: Christian vs. Ziggler

-Up next: The Peep Show with Cody Rhodes


-Footage from Christian's IC Title win at Over the Limit

The Peep Show set is being set up in the ring as Cody Rhodes comes out in a suit and tie. He kicks over the stools and says he doesn't answer to Christian but vice versa. Christian's music hits. He says he beat Cody for the IC Title and if Cody wanted to be the host all he had to do was ask. Cody says before Over the Limit, he didn't care about these people, so why did he go soft?

Christian says he had a moment of clarity. He realized during Edge's Hall of Fame speech that all of this can go away in an instant. He wants his legacy to be more than a whining guy who begged for "one more match." He wants to be a Hall of Famer. Cody says that is garbage and his dad is a Hall of Famer and he himself is a future one. Christian got lucky at Over the Limit but at No Way Out he will get his title back. Ziggler's music hits and says he's here to wrap it up. He's going to beat Christian right now.

Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler

Cody joins commentary. Ziggler gets the early upper-hand and they stop to regroup. They go back and forth and it spills to the outside.


Ziggler is in control as we return to action. Ziggler whips him in hard to the corner then he drops a big knee for a 2. Cody says Christian got lucky at Over the Limit. Christian tries to fight back but Ziggler slingshots him to the corner and drives shoulders to his back. Christian hits a big boot and catches Ziggler with a big powerbomb for a 2. Christian hits a drop toe-hold but falls victim to a bulldog legdrop and barely kicks out. Christian hits a neckbreaker out of nowhere and charges in but Ziggler hits a dropkick. Christian goes up top and connects with a Frogsplash for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian

Cody applauds from ringside.


-RAW Rebound: Cole vs. Cena

Cole grabs a mic from ringside and says Monday was a traumatic experience for him and he is confident that everyone will move on. JR's music hits and out comes Hornswoggle dressed as JR with a bottle of BBQ sauce. Cole is not impressed. Hornswoggle plays the footage from RAW again. Hornswoggle looks strikingly like JR and he has the whole gimmick down perfectly.

Damien Sandow's music hits and he makes his way to the ring as he says he is here to help all of us. He cannot allow this content to continue to assimilate itself into society. He looks down at Hornswoggle and says you're welcome as Hornswoggle mocks him.

Out of nowhere Tyson Kidd comes down and springboards off the ropes with a front dropkick to Sandow. Kidd invites him back in for a fight but Sandow retreats. Kidd turns around to talk to mini-JR as Sandow attacks him from behind. He hits knees to the gut and his signature neckbreaker and then lounges on his body. Sandow does a cartwheel as he basks in his glory.


-footage from Kane's win over CM Punk from RAW

Matt Striker stops Kane backstage and asks how he feels about presumably defeating the WWE and World Champions in the same week. He says he doesn't have any feelings and he will win the title at the PPV. Striker asks him what the deal was with the look that Kane and AJ shared on RAW. Kane glares at him and Matt backs off. Kane walks away as AJ appears from behind some equipment and watches him.

Jimmy Uso is in the ring as Teddy appears on the stage and says Johnny has asked him to endorse a certain superstar. He pulls out a piece of paper from his coat pocket and begins to read. He introduces Antonio Cesaro and his "lover" Aksana with a bunch of hyperbole.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso

Aksana disrobes him and he gets in the ring. Cesaro hits some strikes but Uso takes over with some nice offense. Cesaro throws him up in the air and catches him on the way down with an uppercut, which is a fantastic looking move. As I said before, it looks something like a "Mortal Kombat Fatality." Cesaro adjusts his neck and drops Uso with his modified face-plant for the quick win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro and Aksana celebrate in the ring as Teddy looks on with a stoned-face look. Teddy gets in the ring and raises Cesaro's arm as he kisses Aksana; Teddy leaves in disgust.

-RAW 1000th episode superstar memorable moments: Sheamus narrates a moment featuring Jesse Ventura where there was a battle royal which Sheamus won.

Sheamus is introduced and he comes to the ring. We get a video from earlier involving him and Del Rio.


Kane makes his entrance.

Kane vs. Sheamus

They go back and forth and Kane hits a shoulderblock that takes Sheamus down. Sheamus recovers and works the left arm. Kane sends him in the corner and they go back and forth some more. Kane takes over in the corner. Sheamus takes out the knee but Kane throws Sheamus on the apron and hits a big boot, sending Sheamus to the outside.


Kane is in control as we return to action. Kane hits a side slam and works the neck. Sheamus catches Kane in the corner with both boots to the grill and comes off the top with a shoulderblock. Both men struggle to get up but Kane gets up first. Sheamus takes it to Kane with strikes in the corner and a big knee lift and a flying forearm and Kane quickly kicks out. Sheamus hits a powerslam and gets 2. Kane fights off Sheamus' shoulders and hit a knee to the gut for 2.

Sheamus hits a Rock Bottom style backbreaker across his knee and gets another near fall. Sheamus does his signature forearms to the chest in the ropes spot. He tries to bring Kane in with a suplex but Kane drives his neck across the ropes. Kane goes up top but Sheamus meets him and tries to bring him down with a superplex but Kane fights him off and flies off but Sheamus moves out of the way. Kane favors his knee as Sheamus lifts him up and hits the White Noise but fails to make a cover.

Sheamus is winded as he slowly gets up with a look of intensity in his eyes. Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick as Kane slowly gets to his feet. Kane catches his boot and goes for the Chokeslam but Sheamus counters out and they both hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines.

Ricardo and Del Rio run down and the ref calls for the bell. Ricardo beats Del Rio to the ring and gets a clothesline from Sheamus and Del Rio backs off before actually getting in the ring. Kane catches Sheamus from behind and knocks him down. AJ comes down to ringside and Kane looks at her, confused. Kane turns around into a Brogue Kick. Ricardo gets in the ring and gets a Brogue Kick to the face. Sheamus stares Del Rio down.


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