WWE Superstars Recap: Ryder Vs. McIntyre, Kidd & Gabriel Vs. Reks & Hawkins, Hunico

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Ezekiel Jackson vs. Hunico

Hunico cuts his usual promo on his way to the ring with Camacho on the lowrider. Hunico tries to take the big man's legs out from under him but is unable. Camacho takes Jackson out and Hunico capitalizes. Hunico drops a leg and elbows as he continues to dominate Jackson. Jackson hits a belly-to-belly and uses his power to take over. Hunico takes the knee out but misses from the top. Camacho hits a clothesline from the outside. Hunico goes up again and connects with a Senton Splash.

Winner by pin: Hunico


Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Reks & Hawkins

Kidd starts off with Hawkins, Gabriel tags in and they double-team Hawkins. Quick tags from both teams, Kidd gets a near fall on Reks. Reks goes out to re-group, Gabriel connects with a suicide dive and gets 2 in the ring. Reks drops Kidd across the top rope.


Hawkins works Kidd over in the ring and tags Reks. Kidd makes the hot tag and quickens the pace with kicks and a slam on Hawkins for 2. Gabriel hits a DDT from the top but the pin is broken up by Reks. Kidd tags in and Gabriel holds Hawkins as Kidd hits a neckbreaker from the top.

Winners by pin: Kidd & Gabriel


-RAW Rebound

Zack Ryder vs. Drew McIntyre

The hometown crowd is behind Ryder. Drew is intense with his offense. Ryder hits a face-plant for 1. Drew takes over with a big punch to the face and stomps on the mat. Ryder takes out Drew on the outside with a flip over the top.


Drew sends Ryder to the steel post from the apron. Drew slams Ryder's back on the corner of the apron and gets 2 in the ring. Drew stomps him in the corner and hits a snap suplex for 2. Ryder fights back but Drew won't let up. Drew repeatedly stomps on Ryder's head and drops him face-first. Ryder gets his boots up when Drew comes off the top and builds some momentum. Ryder sets it up and hits the Broski Boot in the corner and gets 2. Drew hits a vicious boot to the face as Ryder talks to the ref and gets 2. Drew tries a superplex but Ryder drops him down and hits the Ruff Ryder from the top for the win.

Winner by pin: Zack Ryder


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