WWE Suspension Update: Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho

- Rey Mysterio's 60-day suspension ends this Monday, June 25th. Despite their depleted roster, WWE has yet to list Mysterio for any upcoming events.

- Randy Orton's 60-day suspension ends on Monday, July 30th. Orton is already listed for RAW that night and for SmackDown events after that. CM Punk, who was moved to SmackDown live events for this summer, is not advertised for any more SmackDown live events after the July 29th live event in Pikeville, KY.


- Chris Jericho's 30-day suspension for kicking the Brazilian flag at a live event in Sao Paulo last month ends this Saturday. As noted earlier, Jericho is advertised to appear on RAW this Monday night.

- Speaking his Jericho, here is his latest suspension countdown tweet: "The Beatles were the Fab 4. I like them better than the Fantastic 4, the 4 Horsemen, the 4 Tops and 4 Non Blondes..."