Billy Gunn 'Shoots' On The New Age Outlaws' Place In History, Returning To WWE, More

In the final part of Billy Gunn's shoot interview, as part of his weekly "Gunn Show" series, Billy opens up about his troubled past, recovering from it, and the fear (by him and his family) of a relapse if he ever got the chance to go back to the WWE.

Gunn also talks about where he ranks the New Age Outlaws in the all-time list of best tag teams. You can check out part one and part two on VegasFuelTV at "The Gunn Show" airs every Wednesday, you can follow the show on Twitter at @GunnShowTV.

Billy Gunn on the "old Billy Gunn": "The old me...nobody liked, nobody wanted to be around. My wife didn't want to take me anywhere, my wife didn't want to be seen with me, my wife LEFT me. My kids didn't want to be seen with me, they didn't want to do anything with me, they didn't want to see me...because I was in a bad place. I've got all that back. He said it would come back, I got it back because I stay on track. And I know if I go back to that place, I lose everything. This time, I lose it all. And not only do I lose it all, I probably end up dead."

On going back to the WWE: "If they ask me to go back, I'd love to go back. I'd love to go back in a training aspect, or helping guys, or getting in the ring and showing them how to do it inside, not just tell you."

On whether or not the New Age Outlaws are the greatest tag team of all time: "No, I wouldn't put us as the greatest of all time, I wouldn't do that. I'd put us right where we're supposed to be in the top five. I think top five. I mean, that's pretty much without tooting my own horn. And a lot of credit goes to Brian, a lot of that was him too. It wasn't just me. He would say that too, just for the record. Brian would say we are top five.We wouldn't be the best, but we ARE top five."

You can watch the interview below:


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