CM Punk & Daniel Bryan Pay Homage To UFC 148, John Laurinaitis On RAW, RAW Glitches

- CM Punk and Daniel Bryan paid homage to the UFC 148 main event fight between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on RAW last night. During the AJ & Punk vs. Eve and Bryan match on last night's show, Punk went for a spinning back fist that missed and fell in a corner, and Bryan immediately kneed him in the gut. The sequence was the ending to the Silva - Sonnen fight on Saturday night, which resulted in Sonnen losing via TKO.

As we've noted before, Punk has ties to Sonnen and was even going to accompany him to the Octagon for a fight several months back, but that plan was nixed.

- As noted on our Twitter account during RAW last night, John Laurinaitis made an appearance during the commercial break after the John Cena and Kane vs. Big Show and Chris Jericho match. During the break, Cena cleared the ring of the ladders and Laurinaitis jumped the barricade to attack Cena. Laurinaitis nailed Cena with a chair, but failed on a second attempt and was met with an AA. The angle accidentally aired during the broadcast in New Zealand. After this glitch, the New Zealand broadcast paused for around 10 minutes before resuming for the main event.

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Phid Mcawesome and J. Smith contributed to this article.


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