Fit Finlay Returns To WWE, AW Comments On MITB Pre-show Match, Retro RAW T-shirts

- WWE's website has released several new retro RAW t-shirts. You can purchase them at by clicking here.

- As noted before, WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth will face Hunico and Camacho for the Money in the Bank pre-show match. AW wrote the following on Twitter about the #1 contenders, Darren Young & Titus O'Neil, not getting the title shot:

"Soon as I heard the #MITB tag title match was pre-show, I immediately declined the offer. #AWPromotions is #PrimeTime not pre-show!! #PTP Hunico and C'Nacho can have at it. The fact of the matter is the #ChumpChamps don't want to face us. #WeCa$h'NOut #MITB #ArtofWar"

- Bill Apter reports that Fit Finlay is officially back with WWE as of this week. Finlay is working as a backstage producer. The two sides have been negotiating since WrestleMania 28 but there were situations that delayed the deal being finalized.


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