Full Details On WWE's New "RAWactive" Social Media Features - Twitter, Shazam And More

As noted before, WWE will be introducing new "RAWactive" features for fans to become involved with when RAW goes three-hours beginning July 23rd with the 1,000th episode. Fans will be able to influence the show through social media. Here are the details, courtesy of WWE:


Twitter – As a part of the RAWactive experience, you can cast votes and impact the show by tweeting speciifc hashtags. For example, during Raw, we might ask you to tweet #cagematch, #streetfight or #2outof3falls to determine the stipulation of a match. We may also solicit your opinions about the action, and display the best comments on-screen during the show! Just keep it to 140 characters or less, and your voice will be heard!

Tout – During Raw, record and send 15-second video messages directly to WWE's Superstars using Tout, a free videosharing site and mobile app. Using your phone or tablet's video camera, or your computer's Web cam, record yourself, then click "Submit." Who knows ? the Superstars may respond, or your video might even make it into the broadcast!


Shazam – Open this free smartphone app whenever the "Shazam Now" logo appears on Raw. Click the "Touch to Shazam" button, and Shazam's "listening" technology will unlock bonus content on your phone featuring your favorite Superstars and Divas, including exclusive video playlists, photo galleries and official WWE theme music.

Instagram – Show off your fan signs to the world via Instagram, a free app that enables you to snap photos of your works of art and share them with the Universe. And make sure to follow WWE on Instagram, too, to see exclusive photos taken by your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.

Facebook – See the latest news and highlights from inside and outside the ring at WWE's official Facebook page, where you can "Like," comment, and vote on polls and posts.

YouTube – Subscribe to WWE on YouTube, and enjoy highlights from Raw and SmackDown, and weekly original webisodes featuring your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas.

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