More On New Jack - Balls Mahoney Fight, Matt Hardy In Action This Weekend

- As noted earlier, New Jack and Balls Mahoney were involved in a fight backstage at Saturday's Extreme Rising show in Philadelphia. There had apparently been heat between the two stemming from an argument that they had at the April event. According to a report on PWInsider, things got worse after Mahoney referenced New Jack using the "N" word several times for a DVD interview a couple of weeks ago. Mahoney claimed he had been given permission by New Jack to use the word in the interview, while New Jack made it clear that there would be an issue when he saw Mahoney.


New Jack was already backstage when Mahoney arrived to the event, and New Jack attacked him and nailed him with roughly a dozen hard punches. Mahoney took the blows while in a protective stance and didn't fight back. New Jack apparently then grabbed a machete, but security was able to break up the fight before the knife could be used. Mahoney, who was busted open and had swelling on his face, was then taken to another room, where he dressed and remained for the rest of the night. The issue between the two is said to be "settled."

- Matt Hardy will be in action at the Carolina Wrestling Superstars show this Friday, July 6th from the Old Mooresboro Gym in Mooresboro, NC. Bell time is 8pm, with a special Matt Hardy VIP meet and greet at 6pm. For information, call (828) 289-3852 or visit the CWS Facebook page by clicking here.