Reby Sky Correction, Tully Blanchard Talks Changes In The Business, Hardy Vs. Carlito, More

- 2012 WWE Hall of Fame and Four Horsemen member Tully Blanchard joined Konnan and Mister Saint Laurent on a golf course this week on MLW Radio, presented by During the interview, Blanchard spoke about how much the industry had changed.

"People that don't know what it used to be, the younger generation, they've got nothing to judge it against, so they don't know," said Blanchard. "They don't know what 'old school' is. They don't know what WCW used to be. But I can't just bad mouth [WWE]. The wrestling business is all about selling tickets and back in our day, it took performance to sell tickets because you were in [the same] places every week, every month. You were on television every week and it wasn't about doing a pay-per-view every month. It wasn't about TV shows the way they do them now. The formula and the mindset behind everything is so much different. The 'wrestling show' is the product now whereas the TV show used to just be an infomercial to get people to come to the arenas."

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- A quick correction on a recent article we posted about Reby Sky and if she would be interested in joining WWE. During the article, we stated that Sky turned down an offer from WWE due to her contract with Lucha Libre USA hosting their show on MTV2. Reby Sky clarified our report on her Twitter, writing, "I've NEVER said I was offered a contract. Was forced to turn down an OPPORTUNITY. Big difference. Let's be real. If a WWE contract somehow magically landed in my lap I would NOT be turning it down."

- Matt Hardy will face Carlito at MCW's Baseball Brawl III this Sunday night for the MCW promotion in Niles, Ohio. Tommy Dreamer, Reby Sky and Rhino are also scheduled to appear. You can get more information about the event by clicking here. Hardy posted the following video promoting the event:


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