Sunny's Message For Dawn Marie, Nash Shoots On Lex Luger Appearing On Nitro, Chaz's Latest

- "Headbanger Mosh" Chaz's latest STD podcast is up at Chaz talks about Kenny King signing with ROH, what's missing in wrestling today and more.

- Tammy "Sunny" Sytch and Dawn Marie will be appearing at the upcoming UWE event in Harrisburg, PA on July 21st. You can get more details about the event at this link. You can check out Sytch's message for Marie below:

- Here is the official trailer for Kayfabe Commentaries "Timeline: History of WWE - 1995 w Kevin Nash." During the trailer, Nash discusses Lex Luger jumping to WCW, the Kliq, if Shawn Michaels faked his injuries and more. You can check it out below (warning: contains strong language):

Wrath Of A War Child contributed to this article.


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