– Christy Hemme is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe predicts Austin Aries will win the World Title tonight. Hemme looks at the Bound For Glory Series leaderboard. Joe talks about the Series and says he will make Kurt Angle tap out for 10 points tonight.

TNA X Division Tournament Match: Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King

We go to the ring and out first comes Douglas Williams followed by Kenny King.

The match starts out with lots of back and forth. Williams ends on the floor and King splashes out with a corkscrew. King brings it back in with a snap suplex and a series of right hands. King turns it around and keeps Williams on the mat now. The crowd chants for King. Williams comes back with a big European uppercut and a clothesline.

More back and forth. Williams with a knee in the corner. King blocks a roll up out of the corner. King with an atomic drop and then a big kick to the head to knock Williams down. They end up on the floor. Williams with a big knee to the head from the top. King makes it back in the ring and Williams covers him for 2. King catches Williams and plants him with a big slam for the win. Kenny King advances to Ultimate X.

Winner: Kenny King