Velvet Sky Weighs In On Angelina Love's TNA Departure

Angelina Love, an original member of TNA Wrestling's Knockouts division, announced Sunday via Twitter that she has been granted her release from the organization. Velvet Sky, who initially drew fame alongside Love as "The Beautiful People," addressed her former partner's TNA departure.

"Such a damn shame!! So much left to do there! I know you're gonna move on to big things bud, good luck and as always I love u!!" Sky wrote on Twitter.

Love responded to Sky, "I love u with all my heart, we did something so amazing with TBP and the memories from that will last forever! I cherish our friendship so much, thank you for EVERYTHING Ebud!!"

Their characters were portrayed as arrogant blonde Barbie dolls, whose main goal as a team was to "cleanse" the TNA roster "one ugly person at a time," based on their belief that their physical appearance was superior to all others. The duo was such a success that even WWE took notice and made their own group of narcissistic and vain bullies.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer has said that LayCool was devised due to WWE's creative department being embarrassed by the Love/Sky tandem making their female roster look second-rate by comparison.


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