WWE Star Returns To Action, FCW Star Works Live Event, Correction From Saturday

- In a correction from Saturday, the man who did a run-in at the WWE live event was not Mike or Brett DiBiase - it was the returning Ted DiBiase, according to several fans in attendance.

DiBiase returned officially at last night's SmackDown live event in Sioux City, Iowa and defeated Jinder Mahal. DiBiase cut a babyface promo before the match and won with Dream Street. Fans in attendance report that DiBiase looked good in the ring, despite being out of action for months.

- FCW star Xavier Woods, the former Consequences Creed in TNA, worked last night's SmackDown live event. He lost to Damien Sandow. Sandow cut a heel promo before the match and mentioned that Woods has wrestled all over the world and won seven titles.


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