WWE Superstars Recap: Sin Cara Vs. McIntyre, Kidd & Gabriel, Ryder

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-Opening video

Sin Cara vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew goes behind off the lock-up and slams Sin Cara to the mat. Sin Cara speeds things up with aerial moves; he dropkicks Drew out of the ring. Sin Cara tries a splash to the outside but Drew catches him in mid-air and hits a shoulder-breaker over his knee. He gets 2 in the ring. Drew continues a mean-streak in the corner with stomps and strikes. Sin Cara kicks out again.

Sin Cara hits a kick to the head off his back and flips Drew to the mat with a leg-scissors. Sin Cara goes for the hurricanrana off the top but Drew counters it and gets 2. Drew continues to slowly dominate. Sin Cara fights back with kicks but Drew hits a big clothesline and gets 2 near-falls. Sin Cara hits his patented DDT for a 2. Sin Cara goes to the apron and hits an Enzuigiri. Then he connects with a springboard hurricanrana and a reverse elbow off the ropes. Sin Cara hits a faceplant for another 2.

Sin Cara springs off the corner but Drew catches him with a kick to the head and Sin Cara kicks out. Drew goes for a powerbomb but Sin Cara counters into a hurricanrana and rolls him up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Sin Cara


-RAW 1000 Highlights

Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Reks & Hawkins

Hawkins and Gabriel feel each other out. Gabriel takes control. He hits an armdrag on Hawkins. Kidd tags in for a near fall and tags right back out; they double-team Hawkins. Reks gets hit in the face on the apron and pulls Gabriel out of the ring and delivers a vicious clothesline.


Hawkins is in control in the ring. They make quick tags while staying in control of Gabriel. Gabriel finally makes the hot tag. Kidd comes in with intensity and speed and takes out both men. Gabriel hits a splash on Hawkins to the outside. Kidd goes up top and connects with a Blockbuster neckbreaker for the win.

Winners by pin: Kidd & Gabriel


Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty

McGillicutty hits an armdrag off the collar-and-elbow. They reset and Ryder hits a faceplant and a dropkick for a near fall. McGillicutty takes over with boots in the corner. McGillicutty sends him in and hits the short dropkick for 2.

McGillicutty hits a backbreaker and an elbow off the second rope for 2. Ryder counters a suplex with a neckbreaker. Ryder hits a flurry. He sets up the Boot and connects. McGillicutty kicks out. Ryder hits the Ruff Ryder off the second turnbuckle for the win.

Winner by pin: Zack Ryder


-RAW 1000: Punk Heel Turn


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