Big Change For Brodus Clay Discussed, WWE Studios Update, Johnny Gargano

- In an update on the earlier WWE Studios article, WWE also has the re-boot of The Leprechaun set for release in 2013. It will star Hornswoggle. Also, the No One Lives horror movie with Brodus Clay and Luke Evans may be released in late 2012 instead of 2013.

- There has been at least some talk of doing away with Brodus Clay's Funkasaurus gimmick. Clay's role in the WWE Studios horror movie No One Lives may have something to do with that.

- We noted before that top independent wrestler Johnny Gargano re-signed with Dragon Gate USA and will not be joining WWE, after WWE offered him a developmental deal. If Gargano were to get an offer from WWE or TNA and want to take it this time, DGUSA would let him out of the contract as they have stated in the past.

Source: F4WOnline


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