Kurt Angle Note (Correction), New TNA Game, Al Snow Talks TNA Talent Devlopment On "TNA Today"

Correction: We had wrote this morning that Angle and his wife had their baby, when in fact they learned the baby's gender:

- Kurt Angle revealed on his Twitter that he and his wife, Giovanna, will be having a baby girl. "It's a Girl! Sophia," Angle wrote. "Looks Like Kody Will Have 3 Sisters and 3 Steps Sisters. Poor Guy. Lol. Much Love!"

- Dublin-based games developer Fantom has launched its first Facebook (FB) game today based on the TNA roster. The game allows fans to collect and trade wrestlers from the roster to complete a digital sticker album and unlock digital rewards. You can check it out at this link.

- Al Snow appeared on the latest episode of TNA Today and discussed his role in talent development, Gut Check, and more. He also gave an update on recent talent that the company had signed, including Alex Sivla, Taeler Hendrix and Sam Shaw. You can watch the episode below:

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