Latest On Laurinaitis Returning To WWE TV, Recent WWE Attendance, WWE Recruiting

- Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* SmackDown on August 9th in Tokyo drew 5,500 fans for $520,000
* RAW on August 10th in Tupelo, MS drew 5,200 fans for $160,000
* SmackDown on August 10th in Tokyo drew 7,000 fans for $640,000
* RAW on August 11th in Biloxi, MS drew 4,000 fans for $130,000
* SmackDown on August 11th in Shanghai, China drew 6,500 fans for $600,000
* RAW on August 12th in Texarkana, AR drew 3,600 fans for $110,000
* SmackDown on August 12th in Taipei, Taiwan drew 9,000 fans for $750,000

- A lot of WWE's recent recruiting has been in the direction of college football players who have good agility and are fans of pro wrestling.

- John Laurinaitis has been told that he will be returning to WWE TV soon as some kind of an Executive Vice President character.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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