News From WWE's Saturday Morning Slam, Rock-Cena On GetGlue, Chyna Update

- We noted before that Chyna's She-Hulk adult parody would be released in September. According to Vivid Video officials, there is no confirmed release date for that film. Chyna's adult parody on pro wrestling is still scheduled for an early September release.

- Fans can still check into NBC's Rock-Cena special on GetGlue and receive a special sticker for The Rock vs. John Cena.

- In case you missed it, Kofi Kingston defeated Heath Slater in the debut match on WWE's Saturday Morning Slam. You could definitely tell that WWE had the "no neck contact" rule in place. The show featured mostly backstage segments with Superstars aimed at kids, some ripped from WWE's YouTube shows.

Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins will air on next Saturday's show. It appears that Santino Marella and Josh Mathews will be doing commentary each week. For this week's show that was taped a few weeks back, Santino Marella still had his United States Title, which we all know he lost to Antonio Cesaro at SummerSlam.


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