What's Next For Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks

- Gabe "Tyler Reks" Tuft appeared on the "Two & A Half Wrestlers" podcast to discuss his WWE departure. You can listen to the podcast at twoandahalfwrestlers.com.

- The following press release was issued about Tuft's recent WWE departure and his Local Marketing 2.0 internet marketing and consulting company.

Los Angeles, CA - The life a WWE Superstar is physically and emotionally demanding. Both of which Tyler Reks, AKA: the Dreadlocked Demolition Man, had no issues with until his first daughter was born last year. In a shocking and unforeseen event, the promising superstar threw in the towel this week to pursue family life and build his internet marketing company.

"Leaving my wife and my daughter to go to TV tapings was hard enough as it was. With the latest TV persona though, my tag team partner and I were scheduled to begin appearances on live events. Being based in California, I would be leaving on a Friday night red eye and not returning home until Wednesday afternoon. I just couldn't be the father I had always wanted to be with the required schedule."

With WWE being a global social media leader, Reks, (who's real name is Gabe Tuft) is no stranger to the internet. In fact, he was quietly building his internet marketing company in the background over the past 6 months. Having formed a powerful team that includes several industry experts, Tuft has already garnered a considerable amount of notable clients which include Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mazda, Comfort Inn, Hilton, Best Western and a slew of web 2.0, dot com, and other local enterprises.

"If you want to boost sales for your business, you have to be seen on the internet. Simply put, Google is your new business card. If you're not showing up on the first page for your keywords, then you might as well not exist as a business. Local Marketing 2.0 can absolutely get you there."

The move from entertainment to corporate may come as a shock to some, but Tuft has an extensive background with the corporate world. He graduated Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in civil engineering and he's previously owned two companies, namely Xclusiv Development and Xclusiv Fitness. The first was a land development company and the latter was a personal training center.

With regards to Tuft's most recent company, Local Marketing 2.0, it's a Northern California based company with offices in Sonoma and Napa County. The company tagline is "Internet Profitability Specialists" and Tuft guarantees that every advertising dollar spent on digital marketing will be justified through web analytics software that shows you how many visitors your site gets and how many of them are converting into leads and sales.

"Numbers don't lie. That's the beauty of what we do. Using proven algorithms and formulas to boost online web traffic and turning them into leads can all be tracked using analytics. We give you the raw data at the end of the month so you know exactly how your money is being spent."

Here's a quick video illustrating what the company does.

Tuft is encouraging his WWE fans that need his company's services not to be afraid to contact him.

"I don't want anyone who may be a potential client to think they can't call me because of my TV personality. In reality, I'm really a nice guy and I want to help as many people as possible be successful with their businesses. We're all in this together; we are just different pieces of the same puzzle."

For the official statement from Tuft on his WWE resignation, click here.

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