Are The Bella Twins Interested In Joining TNA?, Angelina Love Not Dishing On Her Run

- Angelina Love, who parted ways with TNA Wrestling in July following a fruitful tenure that included five title runs, stated Thursday on Twitter that she will not give interviews discussing the nature of her departure from the organization as well as behind-the-scenes matters.

She wrote, "For those who keep inquiring, I will NOT be accepting any interviews based around my leaving TNA, the reasons behind it, the state of the current Knockouts Division, management, etc etc. I've done my one major post-release interview already with @FeeltheMayhem, so if u need answers, go download the interview. I'll be glad to talk about all my wonderful upcoming bookings, adventures and future gigs, but that's it folks! Thanks!!"

- Nicole and Brianna, formerly known as The Bella Twins, addressed their future in the professional wrestling industry during a newly released "shoot" interview with RF Video.

Though the twin duo are currently pursuing non-wrestling endeavors, they 'definitely' plan on stepping inside the square circle again. Brianna, however, noted that she is unsure when that will occur. When asked if they may reemerge in TNA Wrestling, Brianna said they couldn't imagine appearing for the promotion since WWE has been very good to them and are considered 'family.' They do, however, view TNA favorably in regards to their handling of female talent. Brianna said they 'love' how the girls are given a lot of ring time and are considered main-eventers.


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