Daniel Bryan Talks Making Women Chant "Yes!", Favorite Wrestlers, ECWA Super 8 Tourney & More

Former World Heavyweight champion and current co-owner of the WWE Tag team championship Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by Brian Scocia of The Scocia Network. During the conversation, the two discussed; Bryan no longer being vegan, what he wanted as a wrestler, his favorite wrestlers, ECWA Super 8 tournament and more. Here are some of the highlights:

On why he is no longer vegan and the fans' reaction: "I became a vegan for health issues and then I developed a soy intolerance. So, I've been getting really sick lately. it's a very unmanly way to stop being vegan, to have a soy intolerance. [Laughs.] But I was getting sick all the time, and they were trying to figure out what it was and they found out it was the soy.

"Being on the road, being vegan and trying to get your protein in other than soy, there's just nothing to eat. There's soy in everything. Most of the vegan things you can eat are tofu dishes and whatnot, made out of soy.

"But, we did a food/blood/allergy test to found out what i can eat and whatnot. So, it's not like I'm eating loads of meat or anything like that. I'm eating mostly eggs and stuff for my protein.

"But, I don't know when this came out to people, but all of a sudden on Twitter, people have just been bashing me on Twitter. The vegan community has been very angry. [Laughs.]"

On what he envisioned for himself in wrestling before he started out and growing up shy: "When I started in wrestling, I always thought I would be like a Dean Malenko type, I just wanted to wrestle. You know? And I never actually thought I would be in WWE or WCW or anything like that. I thought I'd mostly wrestle in Japan, which is what I did a lot for the first ten years of my career.

"I just thought that they like guys that are big, they like guys like Ryback. Ryback is exactly what WWE wants. He eats loads of meat, he's big, he's strong, he's kind of weird. You know what I mean. [Laughs.]

"So, yeah, somebody like Ryback is the perfect prototype for what the WWE wants and I never fit into that mold. Even in high school, I had to do a report in front of people and I'd get really nervous and stutter and stuff. But you just let me go out there and wrestle and I love doing it. But, I've developed into being able to talk in front of large crowds."

On some of his favorite wrestlers when he was growing up: "If you had an animal, I was like, 'Oh, this guys my favorite.' The British Bulldogs — OK, years later, I came to appreciate Dynamite Kid, but that wasn't the reason I liked the British Bulldogs. I liked them because of Matilda. 'Oh, look at that Bulldog. It's so cute.'

"But then, as I got a little bit older, I liked guys like Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, I loved Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. I always liked the technical wrestlers."

On whether a woman has ever chanted "Yes!" during an intimate moment: "One, that's very happened. It doesn't... it's never... I don't know if this is PG. It's not long enough. [Laughs.] I'm just kidding! ... Yeah, the story I'm telling. Yeah.

"Anyway, no, it's never happened to me. If it were to happen, I would probably roll my eyes. I would just roll my eyes and go, 'Come on.'"

On if he's ever heard from Diego Sanchez, the MMA fighter he borrowed the "Yes!" chant from: "He's never approached me. But, I did hear an interview from he saying that he thought it was cool and that sort of thing. I think he's a great fighter.

"I'd be interested to know what he thinks now that I'm doing "No!" instead of "Yes!" He thought it was a positivity thing. 'Oh yeah, if he's down with doing the positivity thing. I want everyone to be positive. I want to inspire people.' I was listening to it going, 'I don't think he understands.' [Laughs.]

On working the ECWA Super 8 tournament: "That was actually my big break, because in 2000, I got signed by WWE. Then in 2001, I got fired for the first time. But, before that happened, the Haas Brothers knew Jim Kettner and they said, 'Hey, there's this guydown here that you should put in your annual Super 8 tournament.' Which, at the time, was a huge deal. A huge deal in the independents.

"So, they did it. I went all the way to the finals, wrestling Low-Ki, and that's really, when I got fired, what made my name on the independents. It didn't matter that I was in WWE. Nobody knew me, nobody knew who I was except through this Super 8.

"So, being in the finals of the Super 8 lead to me being in the finals of the APW King Of The Indies tournament and they had me win that. Which made the Ring of Honor people, who were just starting a new promotion, say, 'Hey, this guy's a main eventer. We're bringing him in as one of our main event guys.' It was just one of those things, a lot of this stuff is just circumstance and just luck.

"What's the difference between a guy like me and Chad Collyer? I just got better opportunities than Chad."

You can check out the entire interview below: