– WWE officials are still going forward with the Network. News came out this week that Vince is looking to open up talks regarding launching the Network in Europe also.

– The latest word on WrestleMania 30 in 2014 is that Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York City are in the running as hosts. WWE has outgrown arenas for WrestleMania but since 1, 10 and 20 took place at Madison Square Garden, some in the company are pushing the idea of jacking up ticket prices really high to return there for 30. Another downside to running at MSG would put WrestleMania in the same market two years in a row.

– Regarding Beth Phoenix leaving WWE, it’s believed she is just mentally finished with the promotion and the start-and-stop pushes that happen in the Divas division.

One source close to the Divas division believes that Beth isn’t the only Diva on her way out of the company as one other may be quitting soon.