More Details On Why Edge Is Having Neck Surgery Soon, Post-Surgery Career Plans

We noted earlier this week that WWE Hall of Famer Edge told The Matthew & Aaron radio show that he would be going in for neck surgery soon. Here are some more highlights from the interview:

* The surgery will take place on November 8th. He has been doing fine since retiring but has been putting the surgery off - because he didn't want to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame wearing a neck brace and wanted to film for SyFy's Haven. He's not planning on rushing back to a physical lifestyle and will be taking it easy for about four months. Edge didn't mention Beth Phoenix by name but said his girlfriend was trying to get him to relax at home.

* The surgery is being done to clean up a previous operation and remove some pressure off his spinal cord.

* Edge talked about having neck issues as a kid and wondered if pro wrestling, the profession he loved, was the best career move.

* After he recovers from the surgery he's planning on spending some time in Los Angeles in hopes of getting more acting jobs.


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