Report: News On Plans For Jack Swagger, Ryback's Push

- According to a source, there are plans to repackage Jack Swagger. The creative team is internally debating if he would be better served being primarily on Smackdown.

Swagger is someone that gets mixed reviews. Some agents file reports that are negative on him, which some within the inner circle question as to playing to Vince McMahon's ego. Vince has been cold on Swagger for nearly 2 years.

We also reported last month that there was some light talk of pairing Swagger with John Laurinaitis, however I have not heard anything else since then.

- WWE is currently committed to taking the Ryback push "one day at a time" and not rushing into hot-shotting him to the top due to the limited opponents there that he can beat.

Despite Barry Ryte, who was one of Ryback's squash victims, recently claiming that he is "extremely careful and cautious" in the ring, many wrestlers remain apprehensive about working with him. Some wrestlers actually cringe backstage while watching him wrestle prelims on the monitors during TV tapings.


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