- As noted earlier, WWE is in the process of purchasing the Bill Watts video library that consists of Mid-South Wrestling, Mid-South's Power Pro Wrestling TV and the original Universal Wrestling Federation. There are some within the company who feel that the sale is a done deal. WWE is in talks about buying www.UWF.com, likely to market the tape library.

- Despite TMZ breaking the story about WWE Diva Cameron attempting to bribe a police officer during a recent DUI arrest, WWE is eager to continue building on their relationship with the celebrity gossip site.

TMZ has been thrilled with the surge in page views thanks to the rabid WWE audience that reads the WWE-related articles. WWE feels that they are able to more or less control the spin that TMZ puts out on any potentially damaging items, which makes it a valuable relationship in Vince McMahon's eyes right now.

TMZ -- not WWE.com -- was the first site to post pictures of Triple H cutting of his signature long hair earlier this week, and WWE promoted the article on their website and social media accounts.