SmackDown Live Event Results From London, Ontario (9/23): Kidd Upsets Ziggler, Sheamus Defends

Thanks to reader Zack Cattell for sending in these results from today's SmackDown live event in London, Ontario, Canada:

* Tyson Kidd defeated Dolph Ziggler. Good match. Not a lot of wrestling it was more of a match to get the crowd hyped. Tyson Kidd got HUGE pop. Dolph got a huge pop too but got a lot of heat during the match.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Ted DiBiase. OK match. Ted hurt his nose early by Kofi dropkicking him in the face, which made his nose bleed. Kofi got a huge pop. The crowd didn't really know how to react to Ted, he did get some cheers though.

* Natalya defeated Rosa Mendes. Bad match. Natalya came out to a HUGE pop because she is Canadian. The crowd kinda cheered for Rosa only because she was out first. The match was really bad over all. Natalya is an awesome wrestler but needs better talent to work with...

* WWE Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Kane defeated The Prime Time Players. Good match. The crowd loved Bryan & Kane, they got a HUGE pop. The PTP got a lot of heat during the match.

* Wade Barrett defeated Yoshi Tatsu. Bad match. Wade Barrett got huge heat and Yoshi Tatu got an OK pop. Wade just crushed him.

* Ryback vs. Jinder Mahal. Ryback got a HUGE pop, while Jinder got huge heat. Ryback crushed him.

* World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Street Fight. POOR STREET FIGHT!!! Alberto Del Rio got huge HEAT and Sheamus got a HUGE POP. They used a kendo stick, chair and the steel stairs. The match could have been awesome, but I think they both held back because it was not on television.

Overall I enjoyed the live event, but I think WWE could have done WAY BETTER! I was really kind of disappointed in them. Not all the superstars showed up that they advertised like Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara, The Usos and Randy Orton. I thought for sure a lot more NXT talent would be there because they air it in Canada. I hope next time WWE comes to London that they bring better talent and work better matches!

Zack Cattell contributed to this article.


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