TNA Impact Results - Hogan & Sting Taken Hostage, New TV Champ, Aries & Hardy Team-up

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Tonight's Impact Wrestling begins with videos of recent developments including Aces & 8's, Hardy-Aries, and Roode-Storm. It's Championship Thursday. Mike Tenay tells us the TV Title is up for grabs and Gut Check will be revealed. Plus, Austin Aries will team with his Bound for Glory opponent: Jeff Hardy.

We go to the ring and Hulk Hogan makes his entrance, swinging one of Sting's bats. Hogan takes in the cheers and says he's got a date with Aces & 8's. He tells the fans to do him a favor and watch his back as they chant his name. He says this episode of Impact is a turning-point for TNA. He says Bound for Glory is 3 stinkin' weeks away and it's Championship Thursday. He says Devon was a great champion but they have to move forward. He has hand-picked contenders for the TV Title: he names Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garret Bischoff, and Mr. Anderson and he guarantees there will be a new TV Champion tonight. Hogan next moves to the "Storm-Roode debacle." He says he is putting them in a Street Fight at Bound for Glory. Hogan says there will be a special enforcer in that match: King Mo, who will be here next week. Hogan spits a lugie and says he's going to Aces & 8's Clubhouse and we'll see what they're made of. Hogan says they messed with his daughter and the crowd goes, "ooohhh." Hogan says he's going in for a fight and he doesn't care if he has to do it alone.

Sting's music hits and he comes down as Tenay and Taz sell the fact that this is shocking and awesome. Sting says this whole deal started with him and he promised to have Hogan's back when he became GM. Hogan tells him to go get another bat and they shake as Sting leaves to his music and Hogan swings the bat in the ring. We go to commercial.

We return to a Memories promo for Bound for Glory. Mr. Anderson remembers 10-10-10.

We go to the ring and Christy Hemme introduces Kurt Angle with AJ Styles, followed by Chavo Guerrero with Hernandez. Tenay says Angle will be on MMA Live Uncensored after Impact. They show Hector Guerrero on Spanish commentary. Kazarian comes down with Daniels.

Kurt Angle vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Daniels

Daniels backs out and tells the men to go at it. Taz says he's playing head-games. Angle and Chavo bring him in the hard way when he gets on the apron and proceed to double-team him. They send him into the corner but Daniels avoids the Angle shoulderblock but not the Chavo clothesline. Kaz grabs Chavo's leg from the outside and runs away. Chavo thinks it's AJ and he and Hernandez protest to him. Angle joins them and tells them it was Kaz. All the men get in the ring and Kaz & Daniels back-off to the apron as Tenay wonders if it's going to be a 3-Way Tag. We go to commercial.

We're back and we see footage of the ref banning the partners to the back during the commercial. Angle is in control in the ring. Chavo clotheslines him out of the ring and mixes it up with Daniels. He is on fire with offense. Angle comes back in and suplexes Chavo out of the ring and hits the Angle Slam and pulls his straps down. He applies the Ankle Lock on Daniels but Chavo comes in and breaks it up. Angle trades punches with him and Angle gets knocked out of the ring by Daniels. Chavo hits the 3 Amigos on Daniels and goes up top but Angle comes in and applies the Ankle Lock on Daniels. Daniels shifts the momentum and sends Angle into Chavo in the corner. Angle and Chavo go at it and Daniels takes the advantage and steals the win with an STO for the win.

Winner by pin: Daniels

We go to Hogan's office where all the contenders for the TV Championship are seated. Hogan wants to know who wants it the most. Garret says he can deliver. Magnus asks "why," because he was his partner? The men bicker back-and-forth. Anderson says if he had the choice, he would want to face Garret. Joe says none of them want to fight him tonight. Hogan eliminates Magnus and asks Joe how he dealt with that.

We go to the back and Brooke Hogan approaches Tara with her promise from last week about consequences. They accuse each other of being late. Tara has Brooke wait while she takes a call from "Honey Boo" about dinner plans with George (Clooney) and Stacy. Brooke tells her Tara has to earn her title shot. Tara gets back on the phone and says someone needs learn who the dominant female of the locker room is. Brooke takes her phone and tells the caller that his girlfriend's match is next and leaves with her phone as Tara asks who she is facing. We go to commercial.

We're back as Tara comes to the ring for her match. Tenay says Brooke sent them a message and said this is a #1 Contender's match for the Knockouts Title. ODB comes out with Eric Young.

TNA Knockouts Title #1 Contenders Match: Tara vs. ODB

Eric Young locks up with Taryn and does a cartwheel. ODB takes it to Tara and chases her around the ring. ODB runs over her with a shoulderblock on the way in. Eric Young gets on the apron and asks for a tag as Taryn calls him off. ODB hits a Bronco Buster on Tara in the corner. Tara goes out to regroup and has words with Young. ODB dropkicks her from under the ropes and takes it to her on the outside. She sends her back in and Tara backs-off with her hand extended. ODB picks her up by her hair and hits a couple of clotheslines and a fall-away slam. ODB does a kip-up and front-kicks Tara out of the ring. Tara favors her knee as Eric Young shows concern. ODB runs up with a Thesz Press on Tara and Eric Young backs-up and declares that his pants are still on as the front row fans are heard laughing. Young is underrated. Young plants a kiss on ODB as Tara removes her brace in the ring. Taryn keeps ODB at bay as Tara grasps her knee in pain. ODB goes to see what's wrong and Tara rolls her up with a foot on the ropes for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for the Knockouts Title: Tara

Taryn helps Tara up the ramp as Tara looks in the camera and winks and says, "I did it for you, baby."

Gut Check is next. We go to commercial.

We're back as we eavesdrop on the deliberations for Gut Check. Bruce Prichard scolds AL Snow for being unprofessional in the Joey Ryan situation. Taz joins them and they talk about last week's Gut Check.

Bully Ray is approached backstage and he says he is not to be bothered when he is on his fire-breathing Twitter machine. He tells them not to follow him and if they do to shoot his calves.

We go to Hogan and he asks Garret if he can hang with Joe and Anderson. Hogan praises all men and says it's not Garret's time right now. Garret glares at him as he walks away and Anderson and Joe have a stare-down as we go to commercial.

We're back and Bobby Roode comes in Aries' locker room and says as long as Aries is champion, he can't get another title shot so he is pulling for Hardy. He tells Aries he has beaten Hardy but he has never beaten him. He says Aries he is better than Hardy. He asks if "we" want Hardy with the title. Aries says "We?" He wishes Aries luck and Aries tells him to keep his luck because it is for losers.

TNA Television Championship: Samoa Joe vs. Mr. Anderson

Both men make their full entrances. They lock up and Joe gets shots in on the break and sends Anderson into the opposite corner and hits an Enzuigiri for 2. Anderson fights back but Joe knocks him down and stomps on his head. Anderson ducks a kick and rolls Joe up for 2. Anderson mounts Joe with punches to the face. Joe tries to go up top but Anderson cuts him off. Joe counters him with a jaw-breaker. Anderson hits a Rolling Senton for 2. Anderson hits a clothesline and measures Joe for a Mic Check but Joe counters out. Anderson rolls him up but Joe counters into a rear naked choke. Anderson reaches for the ropes as Joe mounts Anderson's back into a sleeper. Anderson almost reaches the ropes as Joe turns in around to the other side. Anderson starts to fade as Joe shifts positions again. Anderson passes out as the ref rings the bell.

Winner and NEW TNA Television Champion: Samoa Joe

Hogan and Sting talk in the back as a woman production assistant approaches Hogan with documents that he must sign. She then sprays Mace into Hogan and Sting's eyes as members of Aces & 8's appear and hood and tie them up and stuff them into vans. The guy that looks like Van Hammer shows a camera and says, "Don't worry we'll send plenty of pictures." We go to commercial.

We're back and we see what just happened. Tenay says they are doing everything they can to cover this breaking story.

We go to the ring where Borash is in the ring with Taz, Prichard, and Snow. Borash introduces the men and then Evan Markopoulos. Evan says he lost and he got his a** kicked but he's here. Taz puts him over and says yes. Prichard says Evan has a future but right now he says no. Borash gives Evan 30 seconds to plead his case. Evan says he was born in 1994 when AL Snow was trying to get into ECW. He says Snow wasn't 18 like he is. Evan says he is going to run all the way to the endzone in a nice promo! Snow says Evan is the epitome of Gut Check. The crowd chants Yes and Snow says he's not ready and says no. Evan shakes all their hands and leaves. I say we have not seen the last of this young man. We go to commercial.

We're back and Hogan and Sting are tied up at a table in a dark room. The guy from Aces & 8's calls them Batman & Robin. The man has his back turned to them as the other members are in the shadows. They says they have learned to like Hogan and Sting and we hear Joseph Park moaning in the darkness. Hogan tells them to let him go. They masked man says that Hogan has to pick two men at Bound for Glory to face two member of Aces & 8's. Hogan and Sting say they're in. They guy says this isn't about them. They have to watch their men get destroyed by Aces & 8's They say if they win, they get full-access, if Hogan's team wins, they go away; Hogan and Sting agree. They say they will release Park after the match. Park is on a slab, tied-up with a man over him with a weapon over his face.

Aries and Hardy walk toward the arena as we go to commercial.

We return to a shot of a quiet crowd as Tenay sends to footage of what just happened. Taz and Tenay rundown the Bound for Glory card.

We go to a James Storm promo about his reaction to Hogan's announcement of his match at Bound for Glory. James is pleased.

We go to the ring and Bobby Roode is introduced, followed by CalveZilla. Hardy and Aries are next, respectively.

Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Hardy and Aries are next, respectively.

Jeff Hardy & Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode & Bully Ray

The ref has to keep Bully and Aries separated during Aries' entrance. Bully starts off with offense on Hardy. Hardy fights back as Bully backs off in the corner. Aries tags in and talks trash back and forth with Bully. Bully tags Roode in. Aries hits some quick offense and lounges on the ropes. Hardy comes in and cleans house as we go to commercial.

We're back as Hardy hits a Frogsplash on Roode and we go back to commercial!

We're back again as Roode knocks Hardy off the top from the apron and Hardy lands on his neck. Bully tags Roode who drops a knee on Hardy for 2. Hardy gets in a Twist of Fate and makes the tag to Aries. Bully also tags in and cleans house. Roode sends Aries into the steps on the outside. Roode sends him back in and Bully talks trash and stomps on his fingers. Roode tags in and drops Aries across his knee. Bully tags right back in for some double teaming and a 2. Bully applies a bearhug and Taz says his arms are like battleships which drew a chuckle from yours truly. Aries gets out but has to deal with Roode and is unable to make the tag. Aries launched on the apron but he takes care of both men and Hardy looks upset. Bully breaks the Last Chancery and takes out Hardy with a boot to the face. Aries ducks a clothesline and Bully hits Roode instead. Aries hits a corner dropkick to each man tackles Roode on the outside with a suicide dive, then goes up top and connects with a missile dropkick to Bully in the ring. Roode attacks Aries from behind but he drops Roode in a brainbuster. Hardy tags himself in and hits the Swanton for the win.

Winners by pin: Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries

Aries confronts Hardy and they argue. We go to footage of Aces & 8's releasing Hogan and Sting in the parking lot. Sting says they are coming for them. Hogan says they got Park as Sting unties him.

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