Wade Barrett Comments On Being In Mick Foley's Book, Teddy Long's Birthday

- WWE's Teddy Long turns 65 years old today.

- Wade Barrett posted the following about being a character in Mick Foley's upcoming kids book:

"Just heard that a child version of me gets bullied by The Miz in @realMickFoley's new Christmas book. Pushing the boundaries of fiction a tad there aren't we, Mick? A 10-year-old Wade Barrett would deck a fully-grown Miz. #BarrettBarrage"

"Let's be honest, a fully-grown Wade Barrett would deck anybody reading this tweet, so wind your necks in, internet tough-guys. As it happens, reading @realMickFoley's first book back in 2000 is what convinced me to become a wrestler in the first place. A 250,000-word book that I read in less than 3 days. I would call it a life-changing experience. 12 years later, he has written about me. Thanks, Mick. With that being said, i'm still going to give him a slap when I see him for having The Miz bully me. #HaveANiceDay"


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