WWE "Saturday Morning Slam" Recap: Around The World In 40 Superstars, Little Jimmy

Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

The opening video runs and we are welcomed to the show. Today we are going to visit the home-countries of our favorite WWE Superstars. Also, we have tag team action: R-Truth & Kofi vs. Primo & Epico.

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Our first stop on our world tour is Johannesburg, South Africa; the home of the high-flying Justin Gabriel. A video package of Gabriel's highlights is shown. Johannesburg is nearly 8,000 miles from NYC: a 17 hour flight, one of the longest in the world, "so make you sure pack a backpack full of snacks just like Justin Gabriel did on a recent trip back home." A video is shown of Gabriel at various places in Cape Town. He says since he became a WWE Superstar, he hadn't been home in 3 years. He says WWE has a huge following there. Gabriel says his town is as big as half of Texas and is very diverse: Miami crossed with Colorado. Gabriel's father was a wrestler and a promoter and died when Gabriel was 18. We see childhood pictures of Gabriel and he says his mom is his biggest fan.

-The first "W" in WWE stands for "world" for a very good reason. "Hang on real tight because we are going to take you on a supersonic trip around the globe."

Around the World in 40 Superstars: We start in South Africa and Justin Gabriel, then go to West Africa and Kofi. Next we go to East Africa and Kamala. Then we take a 3300 mile flight to India: the home of The Great Khali. The pace of the video montage quickens and we see Superstars like Yoshi Tatsu, the Bushwackers, Nathan Jones, Haku, Superfly, Rikishi, Giant Gonzales. We go to Mexico and Del Rio, America and Lex Luger, Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter, Randy Savage, Cena, and Hacksaw. Next up is Canada with Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, etc. Sheamus is shown along with the late, great Andre the Giant, who was from France. They show a double-take of Ivan Putski saying "Polish power!" and the voice-over guy says that is the "best superhero catchphrase ever!" He says Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff were from Russia-Ran. "Last but certainly not least, turn off the GPS, it won't do us any good now because we've finally reached…Parts Unknown: Ultimate Warrior, Papa Shango, Demolition, Doink, and the Boogeyman. We go to commercial.

R-Truth & Kofi vs. Epico & Primo

Santino is on commentary. Kofi hits some armdrags on Primo, which he comically sells. Truth yells, "I want some!" and tags in. They hit a double back bodydrop on Primo. Truth gets 2. Epico tags in and gets an armdrag. Truth stops the action and he and Kofi spin around in unison, then Truth bends over and asks Little Jimmy something. Epico gets excited at the presence of Little Jimmy and motions for Primo to join them in the ring; Kofi comes in too. Primo & Epico get on one knee to talk to Little Jimmy. Epico wants to be friends with him also but Truth says it's his Little Jimmy. The ref bends down as says Little Jimmy said, "No!" Epico & Primo get up and drive their opponents into the adjacent corners. Kofi & Truth reverse Irish Whips and hit crossbodies on their opposite opponents. Epico & Primo roll out of the ring as Truth & Kofi do the Kid 'N Play foot dance in the ring. We go to commercial.

Sheamus gives a PSA about not trying this at home.

We're back and Truth does some break-dancing and hits a hiptoss on Epico. Epico applies what Santino calls the "Abominal Stretch." Truth powers out but gets put in a bearhug by "Ecipo." Truth squeezes Epico's ears to escape. Both men tag their partners and Kofi flies in for a flurry of offense. The camera keeps missing spots by showing Santino & Josh Mathews at ringside throughout the whole match, probably due to the nature of the show. Kofi drops a Boom Drop but misses with Trouble in Paradise and the camera misses what happens next. We see Primo come in to break the count. Truth takes care of Primo on the outside. Kofi hits a crossbody from the top and gets the pin on Epico.

Winners by pin: Kofi & R-Truth

"We'll be back in a hot-tub skip and a jump."

We see footage of WWE's recent tour of the Far East. We see mainly footage of fans dressed up as WWE Superstars.

"Next week we go from international to intercontinental as we explore the historic legacy of the Intercontinental Championship and spend time with it's current holder, the Miz. It should be, in a word, AWESOME!"

But first…Antonio Cesaro teaches us to say "Welcome back to school" in 5 different languages. He says even we can learn another language and now it's time for us to hit the books.

The voice-over guy signs off with "Arrivederci."


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