– Thanks to one of our readers for sending this report from CM Punk’s DVD screening at the Chicago Portage Theater:

Hi, I was at the CM Punk premiere and there are a lot of false reports out there about people meeting him and things he spoke on. CM Punk didn’t do any meet and greets, and roughly 300 people showed up and only two people slept over night. The line started at 9 am and Punk bought pizza for the fans from Dimos Pizza, and at that time it was around 1 pm and there were only 100 fans. The WWE cameras did film and interviewed fans. Some of the notorious WWE fans such as the Brock Lesnar guy were there, and they got interviewed as well as some guys who were training to be wrestlers. They filmed for about 30-45 minutes to make a reel for Monday Night Raw. Lita was there along with Colt Cabana, Frank the Clown and so forth. After the show, Punk had Lita, Cabana and some other VIP members such as Bake and Destroy hand out milk and cookies to the fans.

Here are some notes from Punk’s Q&A:

* They are redesigning the belt as we speak.
* He has a good percentage of the creative control with the current story line.
* He likes working with John Cena, and is not being forced to work with him.
* He did not re-sign before last year’s Money In The Bank, he signed a new deal halfway through the pay-per-view.
* I sat five feet away from him and he smelled amazing (if that’s important to anyone else).
* He finds that he has the most in-ring chemistry with Cena.

– John Lindquist sent in this report from the screening:

Just got back from Punk’s DVD screening. Not too much to report, other than it was a great experience. Lita, Cabana, and Domino were there, which was cool. Awesome documentary. If you’re looking for a great story with an emotional climax, there’s no better WWE DVD than this one. Best part of the night was at the end when Punk revealed he had bought all of us milk and cookies, Andy Kaufman style! Awesome. He also did a 20 minute Q&A. The fans didn’t have many questions that hadn’t already been answered at other recent Punk Q&As. Punk says the one guy he wants to get in the ring with is Stone Cold. Also, when ever he talked about young guys with bright futures, he always mentioned Ambrose first. But that was about it. Like I said, all around great experience.

– WrestlingINC.com reader Odaliz Boundy sent us these photos from Punk’s DVD screening:

Colt Cabana and Lita


CM Punk