Heyman And Taz Comment On "Heyman Guys" List, WWE's Return To OKC, Brock Lesnar Featured

- WWE will return to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on February 26th, 2013 for a SmackDown taping.

- Brock Lesnar gets the Superstar Spotlight on WWE's website today.

- TNA announcer and ECW Original Taz wrote the following on Twitter about the list of top 10 Paul Heyman guys that was released last night:

"Received a link of @HeymanHustle Top Ten 'Guys'! Interesting but Impressive list for sure! But, yours truly didn't make the cut. Oh well."

Heyman responded:

"Politics. Nothing more. Nothing less. Politics. #FTW You think when @CMPunk says there's a lack of respect around here, HE'S READING FROM A SCRIPT OR SOMETHING?"


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