As first reported in last week's new PWTorch Newsletter, one of the reasons Brian Gewirtz was relieved of his duties was that his
replacement, Eric Pankowski, had really impressed Vince McMahon and earned his trust over the last eight months since he was hired.

Also, Pankowski is considered "a Triple H guy." Meanwhile, as has been reported, Gewirtz had been working a lot from home lately, hadn't been on the road much at all, and was only in the office a few days a week.

While just a couple years ago Gewirtz was considered as close to McMahon and as trusted by McMahon as anyone besides family and Kevin Dunn, he has fallen out of favor since.

Former WWE Creative Team member John Piermarini (2009-2010) told Wade Keller of PWTorch about how close McMahon and Gewirtz were just a couple years ago when he was last in WWE. "I think Vince values Brian's opinions probably more than maybe everybody's except Kevin Dunn's. I don't know if that was the ten years of experience or if Brian just built that trust with him. If Vince is convinced about something, Vince is convinced about it, and no one is really talking him out of it. The only people that I've ever really seen change Vince's mind is Brian and Kevin Dunn."

Not many people win over Vince McMahon in such a short period of time as Pankowkis has. Gewirtz was previously one of few people McMahon felt he could trust and confide in, so when Pankowski also earned McMahon's trust and Triple H's respect, it made Gewirtz less valuable.

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