More On The Rock Working With Brian Gewirtz, Latest Episode Of WWE's Outside The Ring

- We noted before that Brian Gewirtz was being kept around as a consultant mostly because he writes material for The Rock. PWInsider reports that there is a feeling that Gewirtz being demoted may affect WWE's relationship with The Rock as the two are very good friends.

When Rock first left WWE years ago, Gewirtz was the one who kept in touch with him and the one who wrote most of his promos when he would come back for special appearances. Gewirtz had been working from Stamford for some time but was brought to TV tapings just to work with The Rock when he was there. Often The Rock would work exclusively with Gewirtz on his segments and promos.

- SmackDown General Manager Booker T is featured in the latest episode of WWE's Outside the Ring. Booker shows us how he lays the smackdown in the kitchen:

Source: PWInsider


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