TNA BFG 2012: James Storm Vs. Bobby Roode (Street Fight)

- JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. He talks about his feud with James Storm and says King Mo won't be able to stop him from ending Storm's career tonight.

- We get a video package looking at Storm vs. Roode.

Street Fight: James Storm vs. Bobby Roode
Special Enforcer: King Mo

We go to the ring and out first comes tonight's special enforcer King Mo. Out next comes Bobby Roode followed by his opponent James Storm.

The bell rings and they have words in the middle of the ring. Earl Hebner is the referee while King Mo watches from ringside. Storm and Roode start brawling and Storm drops Roode first. Roode turns it around in the corner but Storm comes back with a clothesline. Storm with a big backdrop but Roode sends him to the floor. Storm pulls Roode down and hits him with a knee to the face. Roode beats Storm around the ring and has a brief staredown with Mo. Storm also gets in his face. Storm uses a chair but Roode whips him into the barrier. Storm counters and leg sweeps Roode's head into the barrier. Storm goes for Eye of the Storm on the table but Roode slides out and hits an elbow. Roode slingshots Storm into the ring post.

Storm is busted open now. Roode grabs a trash can from under the ring and tosses it in. Roode grabs a chair and hits Storm in the gut with it. Roode with a chairshot to the back now. Roode brings Storm back in the ring as the crowd chants for tables. Roode brings a kendo stick in. Roode wedges a steel chair in the corner but Storm gets up. Storm attacks with the kendo stick and beats Roode to the mat. Storm puts the trash can between Roode's legs and whacks it with the kendo stick. Storm charges but Roode dumps him out to the entrance ramp. Storm hits a draping DDT from the second rope to the entrance ramp as Mo looks on and cringes.

Storm gets a steel crutch from a fan and hits Roode with it. Storm with a DDT on the ramp now. They trade shots with trash can lids now and it gets nasty. Storm grabs the whole trash can and drops Roode with it. Storm charges but Roode hits a big spinebuster on the ramp. They go around the ring and Storm drops Roode with a pan shot to the face. Storm pours a beer all over himself but Roode comes back with more offense. Storm counters and slams Roode's face into the announce table. Storm climbs up on top for a big suplex but Roode fights him off. Roode spears Storm off the announce table but it looks like Storm DDT's him to the floor and they both go down. The crowd chants "holy s--t" and Storm's face is covered in blood.

Roode brings it back in for a 2 count. Roode corners Hebner and yells at him but Mo makes the save. Mo and Roode have words. Storm comes from behind and takes Roode down. Storm gets the fans pumped and nails Last Call for a very close 2 count. Storm goes for another but Roode catches it and throws him into the wedged steel chair he set up earlier. Roode rolls Storm up and grabs his tights but Storm kicks out at 2. Roode takes Storm to the top and goes under the ring for something. Roode takes too long and Storm looks around. Roode grabs a steel chair and hits Storm in the back with it. Roode brings a bag of thumbtacks in the ring and empties it. Roode climbs back up for a superplex on the tacks but Storm fights him. Storm knocks Roode back onto the tacks. Storm leaps off the top with an elbow but Roode barely kicks out at 2. Lots of blood and thumbtacks as the fans chant this is awesome. Roode connects with a low blow. Roode goes under the ring and brings out a six pack of beer. Roode takes a sip and goes to hit Storm with a bottle but Storm low blows him. Storm takes a sip of beer and smashes the bottle on Roode's head. Storm hits Last Call, sending Roode back onto the thumbtacks for the win.

Winner: James Storm


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