WWE Posts Footage Of John Cena On "The Chew," CM Punk Note, Stars Predict Punk - Austin (Video)

- WWE has posted footage from John Cena's appearance on "The Chew" earlier today at this link. They also posted a photo gallery of his appearance here.

- WWE Champion CM Punk posted a funny story on his Twitter about running into a fan wearing his t-shirt: "So I'm riding down Southwest highway headed to Halloween fun and I spot a kid wearing an ugly bright yellow t-shirt... turns out its my new shirt, so I decide to scare/make his day. I whip around and talk for a bit and take a pic with him because any kid with the balls to wear a wrestling shirt to school deserves special treatment. Represent! Where you at Eric?"


- Speaking of Punk, the latest episode of "WWE Inbox" features stars giving their predictions on a hypothetical Steve Austin – CM Punk match-up:

Joe Raider Fan contributed to this article.