Cena On If He Returned Too Soon, Sheamus Says Big Show Will Be Sorry, Lawler Talks Return

- In a WWE.com exclusive, Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler spoke about his return to RAW last night. Lawler said it's not often he's at a loss for words but was speechless when he came out to the big reaction from the fans. Lawler said he really thought he would never experience that again. Lawler said the amount of support he received from everyone has been unbelievable and he feels without that support, he wouldn't be here now.

- WWE's website also spoke to John Cena after last night's RAW main event. Cena says there was some speculation and rumors that he was cleared to wrestle too early and may have lost some of his edge. Cena said he proved that wrong last night in the match with CM Punk. Cena says he is ready to go and will take the WWE Title at Survivor Series. Cena speculated that he and Punk may take out Ryback together and then settle their differences in the match on Sunday. Cena added that someone needs to stop Ryback. Cena believes Ryback is focused on destroying them two while he and Punk are focused on the title.

- Finally, WWE's cameras caught up with Sheamus as William Regal was being looked at by WWE doctors. Sheamus is upset about Show taking out his mentor. Sheamus said Show will be sorry for what he did to Regal because Survivor Series is now personal.

Source: WWE


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