Damien Sandow Discusses Team Hell No, Tag Team Wrestling, Ryback & More

Damien Sandow joined Chad Dukes this past Thursday to promote tonight's Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

Team Hell No and their relationship: "They can't even coexist, what a bad example they set for everyone and what, disarray, are their own minds in? You're the tag team champions and you can't even get along. That is just a terrible, terrible thing and they could use some enlightenment... In order to get the current tag team champions setting a better example, I believe that we need to get the tag team titles off of them, so that they can perhaps, talk about their problems as opposed to fighting over who in fact is the tag team champions."


If Cody Rhodes would compete tonight following his shoulder injury and concussion: "I assure you that the necessary steps to protect the best interests of both Team Ziggler and Cody Rhodes are being taken?.Rest assured this Sunday at Survivor Series, fans will get their money's worth and things will be as it should."

Tag Team wrestling being pushed again: "It's an example of how people should get along and I think that's a great thing, I think it's a different dimension to WWE, and I think it's a chance for fans to see a different aspect of the business."

Ryback: "The man is classless, running around, 'Feed Me More, Feed Me More,' that's such a bad example. The WWE is not some kind of buffet and Ryback, I believe will be taught a lesson."


You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Chad Dukes Wrestling Show