Hulk Hogan has been staying busy on his Twitter over the last several days. Here are some of his recent comments:

Our recent report about Triple H not wanting Sting to re-sign with TNA: “I don’t blame him,Sting is hotter than he’s ever been and still moves like he’s a teenager,don’t forget I’m Stings partner. HH”

John Cena: “total respect for Cena ,he’s a quality person in and out of the ring and works his ass off old school style. HH”

Samoa Joe: “Samoa Joe is an animal,he’s even scarier when your around him and get to know him. HH”

Sting: “Sting is a game changer,when he’s not around the whole vibe isn’t as good,he is a huge piece of light,Gods light. HH”

The nWo days: “To me that was when wrestling was at its most powerful point,it’s a shame a couple of things got screwed”

Matt Morgan: “Matt Morgan was supposed to be many things everybody else wanted,now he’s really figured out what he was MEANT to be!WARNING! HH4Life”

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy at Turning Point: “Total respect for Aries and Hardy,the ladder match and Bound For Glory match have made our company control performance expectations”