Linda McMahon Reacts To Losing Second U.S. Senate Bid

Bloomberg Businessweek posted an interview with former WWE CEO Linda McMahon, who discussed losing her second U.S. Senate bid in the state of Connecticut. During the interview, McMahon discussed when she realized that she lost the race.


"I was sitting by myself, actually. I had just taken a moment to go upstairs and get my thoughts together on what I was still hoping would be a victory speech," McMahon said. "I was just sitting there, going over my speech?clearly you have a concession speech as well, but you're hoping that's not the one you use. I wasn't paying that much attention to the TV. This was about 40 minutes after the polls closed. Then I looked up and saw a check mark next to Chris Murphy's name on ABC. I barely caught it out of the corner of my eye. I just thought, 'Wow.' I was stunned for a moment. I sat there for a few minutes on my own, reflecting on what the race had been. I thought about the thousands of people who not only had touched me but whom I had touched as well. All the notes, 'Thank you for running. Thank you for showing me that it's worth putting everything on the line,' and things like that."


McMahon also revealed that she is not planning on running for public office again.

"One thing I'll continue to do is our philanthropic work," she stated. "I'm not really focused right now on what happens next. I don't really anticipate running for public office again. I think I've given that a really good, strong shot. At this moment, it's not a consideration. Things can always change but it's not something I anticipate right now."

McMahon also discussed the amount of money she spent and if it was worth it, what she learned from the first race and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Business Week