More On John Cena's RAW Injury Being Legit Or Not, Update On WWE's Attitude Era DVD Content

- During Linda McMahon's failed bid for the US Senate, there was a lot of speculation over WWE's upcoming Attitude Era DVD and how restricted the content would be. The speculation was furthered because WWE went from pulling the DVD listings to not plugging it at all on TV.

WWE began plugging the DVD this week and a fan who received an early confirms that the content will be rated TV-14 and that there are very few edits including cuss words, bleeding and other stuff that you wouldn't find with today's WWE product. The DVD is officially in stores today.

- As noted earlier, reports that John Cena is not really injured and WWE did the injury angle on RAW because they felt he needed to be handicapped going into a match with Dolph Ziggler. F4W adds that the backstage segment with Cena being injured were shot earlier in the night.

PWInsider reports this morning that Cena is legitimately injured and he will indeed be undergoing an MRI this morning. Whatever the case may be, we should know more details in a few hours.

Source: PWInsider


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