– As noted earlier, Hunico is currently out of action after undergoing surgery for a torn ACL. There had been some speculation about Hunico’s status with the company after William Regal made the following comments on NXT: “Camacho is usually out here with his partner Hunico, but Hunico’s not here and I’m not allowed to say why. He’s in a little trouble, and he got into a little extra curricular activities and causing a bit of grief to people, and he’s not gonna be with us for awhile, let’s put it that way.”

A WWE spokesperson confirmed to me that Hunio is indeed injured, and that Regal’s comments were “part of the storyline.”

– Here are results from our recent poll where we asked if Linda McMahon losing her second senate bid would have any impact on WWE programming (percentages are rounded):

Will the WWE product change if Linda McMahon loses her Senate bid?
* Yes, for the better – 50%
* Yes, for the worse – 11%
* No, it won’t change – 40%

– Here is more footage from Linda McMahon’s concession speech this past Tuesday night. An emotional Vince McMahon appears in the video at the 2:00 mark: