New Jack Comments On Recent Rant Against Jerry "The King" Lawler

I interviewed ECW icon New Jack last week to discuss this past Saturday's Extreme Rising iPPV. During the interview, I asked New Jack about his recent rant against WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler after Lawler suffered a heart attack in September. Here is New Jack's response:

"You know what, lemme tell you something. This is the honest to God's truth: when I saw that Jerry Lawler had a heart attack, I was sitting at home looking at the I.D. channel. And I saw someone post something on my Facebook about Lawler. And I was watching the I.D. channel and I was on my tablet and I said, 'Lemme see how much sh-t I can start.' [Laughs.] I said, 'I heard about what happened to Lawler. f-ck him, I didn't like him anyway.'

"Everybody went, 'Ahh!' They just started dropping bombs after bombs. 'New Jack, I hate you now!' Oh, damn. I had like 100 comments with people like, 'I don't like you no more, you f-cker!' The ones I didn't delete, they deleted themselves. I just did it and I thought I was just being funny and they got all that sh-t started up. Then, I talked to Chris Cash and he said, 'Yeah, I heard you got some heat out there. You don't like Lawler?' I said, 'Honestly, [I believe] Lawler is a racist.' He don't like black people, and I know it, I worked with him.

"But, I did it mainly because I knew it was going to stir up a lot of sh-t. And I kept jabbing at him. Every time I would say something, then all these boys on the indie circuit, they came at me. But they wouldn't come to me in person, they would come to me on the Internet. 'New Jack, you ain't sh-t.' I was like, man, these motherf-ckers are really mad about me talking about this motherf-cker.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but Lawler did get in trouble for having sex with a 14-year-old girl and he bought his way out of that. Now, if I said something that isn't right, I'll say, 'Aight,' and I'll take it. But what I said was f-ckin' right. So people got to say, 'If he was telling the truth, then, so what?'

"I wasn't mad at Lawler, I thought it was funny to do it. It stirred up a lot of sh-t but I could care less. It ain't like I don't like him, I know him. But [I believe] he's a racist, little f-ck. But, I did it because I thought it was funny. I didn't say it because, oh, I hate Jerry Lawler. Man, I ain't think about that sh-t twice."

You can read the rest of the interview by clicking here.