Steve Austin On Who Deserves A WWE Hall Of Fame Induction, Will He Wrestle Again?

WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin recently spoke with Allison Walker of to promote the new season of Redneck Island. Here are some wrestling-related highlights:

ALLISON WALKER: With the recent return of alumni Brock Lesnar and The Rock to WWE, how likely are we to see you compete in a WWE ring again?


STEVE AUSTIN: Ah, that's a good question. Who knows? I'm really happy doing the acting things that I do. I'm really happy doing 'Redneck Island.' I love this show. I love the element of reality television. I'm having a good time. No one's chasing me around with a steel chair. I'm not traveling all over the world. I've been there, and I did it at a high level. I'm not going to rule out a return, but I'm not saying a return is in the near future."

You were introduced to the WWE Hall of Fame a few years ago. Who isn't in it who deserves to be?

Well, if you're going to go down that road, I think 'Macho Man' Randy Savage needs to be in there. I think the Rock 'n' Roll Express need to be in there. I think the Midnight Express need to be in there. I think a guy like 'Superstar' Bill Dundee, who a lot of people haven't heard of, needs to be in there. I could go on and on, but those are a couple of people who'd be on the top of my list.


Source: Bay News 9