TNA Knockout Responds To WWE Diva Imitating Her, Zema Ion Speaks On Being An "X Division Guy"

- As seen Sunday night at Survivor Series, Eve Torres added a new layer to her heel character by disingenuously waving to the audience during her ring entrance for her WWE Divas Championship defense against Kaitlyn. TNA Knockout Madison Rayne, who is known to perform that entrance style as part of her conceited beauty queen gimmick, was immediately besieged with messages on Twitter notifying her of the WWE Diva's imitation and responded, "Hahaha, I love you guys!!! Imitation flatters me, it doesn't upset me. I'm pretty sure NONE of the KO's can be duplicated!"


- Zema Ion appeared on Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio on 100.3 FM KFAN in Minneapolis and was asked to give his thoughts on the X Division Championship being used as a pass to a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at TNA Wrestling's annual Destination X pay-per-view event.

"(Austin) Aries is blazing the trails for X Division wrestlers such as myself and he's showing we don't have to be confined to our own division," said Ion. "We are talented enough to take on the heavyweight wrestlers and go after the heavyweight titles. What he did at Destination X and the stipulation that every year the X Division Champion can cash in an opportunity for the world title at that pay-per-view, it's a great thing. It gives us a chance to stand on that stage, pay-per-view, main event, World Title."


Ion was also asked whether being labeled an "X-Division guy" bothers him. He states, "It doesn't really bother me. I will say there have been several times that I was thinking it would be great to get in the ring with guys like RVD or AJ Styles and test myself see how I can fair against those type of wrestlers. Its frustrating in some ways because I wanted those type of opportunities too and now it seems like things are changing and I may get those opportunities now."

Audio of his appearance is available here.