TNA Turning Point: Jeff Hardy Vs. Austin Aries (World Title Ladder Match)

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TNA World Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Austin Aries

Aries is out first as both titles hang high above the ring, the ladder is on the entranceway. Hardy comes out next. Borash makes the formal introductions. Aries ducks to the floor as Hardy starts a clap with the fans. Aries gets back in and hits knee on the lock-up and throws Hardy to the outside. Aries goes to get the ladder but Hardy meets him and they return to the ring. Aries gets the 1st-man-in advantage and the action goes back out. Aries sends Hardy into the steel steps and retrieves the ladder and puts on the apron but Hardy attacks and the ladder falls to the floor.

Aries sends Hardy from corner to corner but Hardy hits a head scissors to take Aries out of the ring. Hardy slings himself over the top for a crossbody on Aries and the ladder. Aries and Hardy fight over the ladder and Hardy shoves both into the steps and dives off the steps onto Aries. Hardy flies off the apron to take Aries down again. Hardy takes the ladder into the ring and sets it up under the belts. Aries comes in and climbs up over Hardy's back on the ladder and hits a Russian Leg Sweep to take Hardy down. Aries sets the ladder up between the ring and the security rail and takes Hardy out and drops him across the ladder and flies off from in the ring with a forearm and drops a knee from the apron.

Aries sets the ladder up but Hardy pulls him off and Aries goes face-first onto the mat. Hardy kicks Aries to the outside but Aries rolls right back in. Hardy sets the ladder upside down in the ring. They jockey for suplexes. Hardy flies off the top but Aries side-steps him and sends him into the ladder. Aries springs into the ring from the apron and flips onto the ladder with Hardy inside. Aries sells the move too. Taz does a good job of making it seem extra vicious. Hardy goes to the outside and Aries hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Aries traps Hardy in another ladder again and puts the steel steps on top of it to trap Hardy. Aries sets the original ladder in the ring and goes to climb it but stops and goes to check on him. Hardy escapes under the ring and comes out the other side and climbs the ladder but Aries quickly swats him off and Hardy takes a nasty fall.

Aries climbs the ladder with Hardy underneath but Hardy gets up and they climb opposite sides. Aries hits Hardy off and goes to climb but the ladder is broken so he sets it up in the corner and sets Hardy onto it. Aries hits a running dropkick to Hardy on the ladder. Aries charges in again but Hardy ducks and Japanese Armdrags him onto the ladder. Hardy climbs to the top of the ladder and slowly makes the ladder fall onto Aries. Aries rolls out and Hardy puts the broken ladder on the rope in the corner and retrieves another ladder from under the ring. Hardy sets it up as Aries slowly gets on the top corner. Aries hits a missile dropkick across the ring to Hardy atop the ladder.

Aries puts Hardy behind the ladder in the corner and hits a running dropkick to both. Aries hits a brain buster and tosses Hardy out to the floor and set the broken ladder up in the opposite corner and climbs a good one in the middle of the ring but is met by Hardy. They exchange shots atop the ladder and Hardy hits an amazing Twist of Fate off the ladder. Hardy goes up top and hits the Swanton to Aries. Aries rolls out. Hardy goes up to get the titles but they raise up as he reaches them. Aries yells at ringside and holds up the controls to the mechanism. Hardy goes and gets Aries and throws him back at ringside and gets a super-long red ladder from under the ring. They both climb the ladder and it falls to the one set up in the corner. They stand on top of it like a platform and Hardy hits a Twist of Fate to Aries on the ladder. Aries is laid out outside as Hardy climbs up and grabs his signature title as the bell rings. He stops to find his footing and grabs the other one.

Winner And STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy


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